Infants - Classrooms 1 and 2


Our Infant Rooms

Children aged 10 months to 18 months are cared for in the Infant Rooms which have both a playroom and sleeping/nap room.

The Infant Rooms have direct entry onto a contained infant play space with a lawn and covered patio area.

Two certified Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) care for eight babies in each classroom, maintaining the required 1:4 teacher/child ratio. 

Exploration of the world through play is the foundation for early learning. For more information on the emergent curriculum model click on 'Programs'.

Meals for the babies are professionally prepared according to set menus. See our Nutrition section under 'Our Staff'.

The transition period for an infant enrolling in the Centre lasts over a week:

Day 1--parent and baby will visit  for approximately 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

Day 2--baby will visit on his or her own for approximately 1 hour.  

Day 3--baby will stay on his or her own through lunch time until 11:30. 

Day 4--baby will stay through nap time until 2:00.

Day 5--baby will stay a full day. 



​​Classroom 1   Daily Schedule
  • Arrival, greeting, self-directed play, bottles or early a.m. snack.​

  • Morning snack (family style for older children).

  • Bottle feeding and nap as individual schedules dictate throughout the day.

  • Self-directed play in learning areas inside and outside.

  • Planned supervised activities for individuals or small groups of infants.

  • Cleanup, wash hands, songs and finger plays if waiting is unavoidable.

  • Lunch for older infants; for younger, as they wake from morning naps.

  • Nap time for older infants; individualized wake up.

  • Self-directed play in planned learning areas indoors and out.

  • Staff planned individual or small group activities.

  • Snack, eating on an individual or small group basis when children are ready.

  • Self-directed play in planned learning areas. 

  • Special materials or activities for those leaving late. 

  • ​Late afternoon snack if required.  Goodbye, conversation with parents.