Our Facility

Alexandra Children's Centre was designed as a space for child care.

There are five classrooms, each of which has direct entry to the playground and which include child sized washroom facilities. The Centre has a modern in-floor heating system. We have a dining room for meal service, a professional kitchen and a laundry room.  

   Our Purpose Built Facility Includes:

  • Classrooms with direct access to the playground

  • Sinks and washrooms in each room

  • Infant room with separate sleeping room with observation window 

  • Outdoor play area

  • Covered paved patio outside all classrooms

  • Large fenced play yard

  • Central dining room

  • Professional kitchen and cook

  • In floor heating and air conditioning

  • Sprinkler system

  • Secured Entry

Outside Play Area  (Winter)
Outside Play Area (Winter)

Many play structures for the children to explore and enjoy.

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Toddler's Room
Toddler's Room

Bright and sunny with access to the outdoor play area.

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Soft Play Toys
Soft Play Toys

Infants and Toddlers have many colourful toys to play with and explore.

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