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Our History

A young Princess of Wales, Alexandra

circa 1881


Origin of Our Name:

"The Centre for Exceptional Children" was the original name of ACC when we opened in 1971 on Cunard Street in Halifax.  After having relocated to the Alexandra Centre, formerly Alexandra School, on the corner of Brunswick and Cornwallis Streets, the name of our child care centre was changed to Alexandra Children's Centre. The original school, built in the late nineteenth century, was named in honour of the Princess of Wales, Alexandra of Denmark whose husband was later crowned King Edward VII. King Edward was the son of Queen Victoria and great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.

Following in point form is a history of  Alexandra Children’s Centre from the beginning in 1971 when we opened as "The Centre for Exceptional Children.”

November 24, 1971 - First formal meeting of the Board at which they named the day care centre at 5557 Cunard Street (ie. Cunard Street School) “The Centre for Exceptional Children."  The majority of the children would have “special problems.”  The centre would be for children aged 3 to 5 years . 
November 1978 - The Centre was incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia.
September 1980 - The Centre moved into the Alexandra Centre.
January 23,  1981 - The name was officially changed to the “Alexandra Children’s Centre.”  The reason being, over the past few years there were fewer “exceptional children” placed at the Centre and it was felt the name did not coincide with the present practice of providing “child care” for ordinary 3-5 years old (most of the children came from the ward 3 area.)
June 14, 1982 - “Official” opening of the Alexandra Children’s Centre.
December 6, 1984 - Official opening of the Playground.
January 1, 1991 - Co-op Children’s Nursery joined with Alexandra Children’s Centre for total license of 75 spaces, 50 subsidized spaces.  Board members from Co-op came onto the Alexandra Children’s Centre Board of Directors.
July 1, 1992 - Cranberry Play Centre joined with Alexandra Children’s Centre.  Total license of the two locations is 114 spaces.  (89 subsidized and 25 full fee.)  Board Members of Cranberry Play Centre joined the Board of the Alexandra Children’s Centre.
August 4, 1992 - Alexandra Children’s Centre (Brunswick Street location) relocated to Alexandra McKay School on Russell Street.
July 1, 2004 - Alexandra Children’s Centre relocated to 6100 Young Street. Halifax Regional Municipality sold our building to another user and we were required to leave so that the new owner could expand their private school. The implications of this move meant severe increases in cost due to market rent and loss of our afterschool program.
February 1, 2007. New two million dollar facility opened for operation at 3405 Devonshire Avenue.
Total capacity of 94 spaces. This development was made possible by funding from the NS Early Learning Expansion Program in addition to securing a mortgage and raising funds in a capital fund raising campaign.
October 2007 The Infant program started with a capacity of 10 spaces.


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