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Our Program

A Foundation for Your Child’s Future Learning

All of our programs are emergent and play-based. We have 5 classrooms; 2 infant classrooms of 8 children, 2 toddler classrooms of 18 children, and 1 preschool classroom of 24 children. At Alexandra Children’s Centre our children are innovators, masterminds, creators and change makers. We are innovators exploring science, technology, engineering and math. We are masterminds working on language, pre-writing skills and learning math language. We are creators expressing ourselves through dance, music, drama, creative play and visual arts. We are change makers focusing on citizenship, contribution, cultural immersion and nature.


We use the HiMama app to communicate with our families. This allows parents/guardians to see how their child slept, ate and bathroom routine. The best thing about HiMama is it allows our Early Childhood Educators to share photos with families so they can see what their child was doing during the day and talk about it home extending their learning even more!

Confidential Developmental Evaluations 


We compile observations and anecdotes in the major developmental areas that we work on in our program every 6 months so you can stay up to date on your child's development within the center. The area's we focus on are:

  • Sense of self

  • Social relations

  • Creative Representation

  • Movement

  • Communication and language

  • Exploration and Early Logic

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