Our Program

A Foundation for Your Child’s Future Learning


Social, Physical, and Cognitive Development​ 


We provide an inclusive curriculum based on the interests and passions of both the children and the Early Childhood Educators. Our program is a non-traditional style of teaching that presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions.

It is “child lead” or “child based” learning as opposed to “teacher directed” learning. Early Childhood Educators implement the fundamentals of learning using the children’s interests as a base for developing learning activities/centres.

Confidential Developmental Evaluations 


We compile observations and anecdotes in the major developmental areas that we work on in our program:

  • Sense of self

  • Social relations

  • Creative Representation

  • Movement

  • Communication and language

  • Exploration and Early Logic


Staff are always willing to take the time to talk to you about your child’s development in the program.